How To Be More ProductiveWant to know how to be 3 times more productive then you are right now?

If you tend to procrastinate or find yourself wondering How To Be More Productive with your time, there is a solution.  If you are disappointed at the end of the day that you didn’t cross off everything on your ‘to do’ list, then I have a cool technique on productivity to pass on to you. It has helped me tremendously since I work from home and I don’t have to answer to anyone.

I like to work with shorts bursts of intense energy and focus in order to complete things that need to get done; kind of like circuit training when you exercise. With circuit training you quickly move from one exercise to the next and give it your all. I apply this circuit training method to my home and business, and I am at least 3 times more productive now.

How To Be More Productive When You Work From Home

I use the clock and decide I have 30 minutes to vacuum the house, make beds, and put a load in the wash, then I immediately switch gears and say I have 1 hour to write a blog post, switch again and give myself, 15 min to clean the bathroom, then 10 min to work on my twitter business strategy… get the point? This has led to amazing results, and I am much more happy at the end of the day since I have accomplished so much. You can make up whatever schedule works for you, and you can devote however much time you want to whatever is important to you.

I like to mix up the house work with business so that it gets me out of the computer chair and moving all throughout the day. When I do sit down again to work my focus is sharp since I’m not sitting there for 8 hours straight!

This circuit training method for getting stuff done makes me so much more efficient and I stay laser focused on each activity. No more starting to clean one room, run down stairs for something and deciding to finish cleaning the kitchen while I am there.  Or work on marketing and for some reason decide to watch a half hour recorded webinar that is unrelated.  I stay on task and finish what I start.

How To Be More Productive With Your Goals

It is incredibly powerful using this strategy for your business. Whatever time frame you give yourself to complete a project is the time it will take to do it. So if you say you have 2 days to complete an article, you will take the full 2 days to do so. If you give yourself 2 hours, you will only take 2 hours. So set serious time frames and stick to them.

You must develop success habits and develop emotional discipline
that leads to production and results. – Jeffery Combs

Don’t wander aimlessly through your day.  Apply the circuit training method to increase your productivity.  Hurry up the clock is ticking… To Your Massive Success!