What Moves People?

The most effective network marketers know what ‘moves‘ people and how to attract.  Getting to know your prospect is crucial so that you know how to sincerely help them.  It’s all about building relationships, listening, and then providing a solution.

In network marketing, there is a prospecting and recruiting method given the acronym:  F.O.R.M. which stands for:


F.O.R.M. Helps You Connect With Prospects

The F.O.R.M. method gives you a rough guide of what to say to prospects.  After you ask them about their life (family, occupation, recreation), it’s time to share what you have to offer, or your message. When speaking to prospects, you want to target what’s important to them. Find out what they are searching for when you’re asking questions.  Don’t have a list of questions that you have to follow exactly, just chat and be yourself.  Keep it natural!

Once you know a little about their family, ask about what they do for fun or how they spend their weekends.  After you have gotten to know your new contact, and what they are specifically looking for, you should move on to share how they can find out more about your opportunity.

Tell them briefly how you can help solve their problem, and send them to your simple message (online presentation, live presentation call, etc).  Your presentation should do all the ‘selling’, do not start explaining about your company yourself.

Be sure that you are the one asking the questions and steering the direction of the phone call, because the one asking the questions is in control.  You want to produce results in your business and it’s your job to know how to move people into your business.

How to Use The F.O.R.M. Technique

You can help your prospect realize some important stuff about the direction their life is taking, and how they can take positive action to change it all, if you are the one asking the questions. It’s your job to guide the conversation.

One great tip is to ask open-ended questions when you start chatting.  This means ask questions that do not have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, since these types of questions won’t get them chatting and feeling comfortable.  When you are trying to have someone ‘warm up’ to you,  ask questions where they have to actually answer with something more thoughtful.  For example ask, “What don’t you like about your current job?” instead of asking, “Do you like your current job?”  You want them to open up and tell you exactly what they are looking for.

Near the end of the conversation, ask a closed-ended question to get a commitment from them. Ask them, “Can you commit to watching the presentation this afternoon?”

You want your prospect to feel safe and happy to connect with you, so that you can steer them towards the first steps to achieving THEIR goals!  So remember to use the F.O.R.M. method in your conversations, but always be yourself and natural through the process :)

Teach F.O.R.M. to Your Team Members

Share this method with your team because it’s simple and it duplicates!

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To Your Massive Success!